Word REGENERATE originates from the Latin word regeneratus meaning “created again”. It derives from the root re meaning “again” and generare, meaning “create”.

According to the Merriam-Webster definition: “restored to a better, higher, or more worthy state”.

Why do we pay immense attention to the process of Re-Generation?

Physical training stimulus will lead toward adaptations in two main directions. Firstly, you brain will more effectively and efficiently lead and control other organs’ and tissues’ functions. Second, each tissue will undergo structural changes necessary to sustain next training stimulus on the higher level.

The tissue-level changes are product of the cellular processes which happen in each cell of our body (and brain). The cellular processes are triggered by the signals the cells receive not only from training stimulus, but from many other external and internal factors.

During training, some cells in different tissues will break down. If we are exposed to chronic stress or some toxins, for example, the cells in different tissues will again break down.

To repair broken cells, and allow tissues to adapt on to higher level, we should control all, not only training stimuli in a progressive manner, so the positive adaptation does really occur.

In our performance enhancement philosophy, we will help you control over all major stimuli found to enhance repair and recovery, i.e. positive tissue adaptations: Your sleep QUALITY, nutritional status, hydration and QUALITY of the water you drink, cooling, compression, light, heat and growing mind-set.

We want you to think about these stimuli as indivisible part of your training PROCESS.

We have developed TM® training and recovery system that pays attention to all aspects of your performance, and we deeply believe that is the only way it should be done. It is a life changing process that GIVES actual measurable RESULTS!

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