We focus on the relationship between nutrition and your health, performance, tissue quality, sport specific body composition changes, but most importantly, we focus on educating you how to EAT, choose real FOOD, adapt to all kinds of different situations and wisely choose IF and WHEN proper supplementation is needed.
Nutrition is the ultimate COMPONENT in the process of training smart and hard.
To improve your athletic performance and stay injury resilient you must learn how to fuel your body, its systems and tissues, how to nourish yourself for the achievement, accomplishment and ultimate triumph, while enjoying the FOOD you eat.
Your athletic performance can be significantly affected by inadequate diet, even before any symptoms occur and way before clinical signs of a deficiency become obvious. That is why you should be proactive, and embrace knowledge. We transfer all the science in practical application and influence your performance by teaching you how to choose appropriate type, quality, amounts and timing of food, hydration and supplement intake.
• To increase your tissue quality and injury resilience

• To teach you how to eat to fuel your performance

• How to eat to boost your recovery

• How to eat when travelling

• How to achieve optimal body composition for your sport

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