Imagine that you want to write the book of your life, your autobiography. Imagine that in your story there are no words ending on ”itis” there are no soft tissue injuries, there is no joint stiffness, ruptured or torn ligaments, you feel good about your fitness and health, you are full of energy and perform on the highest possible level in both your professional and private life. Your genetic potential, your DNA is like a computer database, made out of an alphabet letters. That means, that in your book of life, your DNA can write the story you want it to write, based on the input information you provide it. Food is information for your genes to express themselves. By altering the information, you write your story. Nutrition, life-style, movement, physical activity, training and your spiritual balance are the basic underlining components of the optimal performance and wellbeing. Good results don’t just happen. Good health doesn’t just happen. Every day you are faced with series of choices that are going to define your health and performance. Our passion is to guide and teach you, to help you make informed choices and decisions.

If you feel ready to:

• Enhance your Athletic Performance and Lifelong Health

If you feel ready for:

• Custom made nutrition plan that will cover all the requirements of your sport, health and performance, support your dietary needs while enjoying the process

How it works:

The journey begins with our first counselling session. We use time to make initial data gathering, but more important to get to know you, to know and understand your body, your history, your personal preferences and goals that you want to achieve. The individualised approach is at the core of our beliefs, and we strongly think that there is no one size fits all. We focus on all aspects of your current status, like looking at the specific signs and symptoms, biomarkers, training regimes and level of activity, wellbeing status, etc. After analysis and interpretation, we sit together and make a plan that focuses solely on achievement of your goals. Please realise that inducing changes is a process! We don’t work by giving you the plan that you have to follow. We coach you, and guide you, we are in this journey together.

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