Your sport result depends of the level on which you are able to express your physical performance potential. We can measure how fast you can – accelerate, sprint, change direction, bike, row, swim… – how high or long you can jump… – how fast and far you can throw… – how long you can sustain your sport specific activity… But, to be able to TRAIN you to improve any of these, we need to DETECT, MEASURE, ANALIZE, PRECISELY PRESCRIBE and COACH the abilities and behaviours underlining the expression of your physical performance potential.

Don’t forget that, if you got injured, how successfully you will return to competition and continue competing, will depend on the level of those same abilities and behaviours (re)development during your post-injury process!

To detect why you perform as you perform and how to make you perform better, we have been continuously developing our research level sport science services.
The services include a wide range of screening, testing and monitoring tools and protocols and include the most sophisticated and validated hardware and software.
Whenever needed, we will consult other experts in our network to get even better inside.

1. Comprehensive Athletes’ Questionnaires and Interviews Assessing: training and injuries history, nutrition and life style habits, sleep, stress, etc.
2. Anthropometric Measurements and different levels of Body Composition Assessments
3. Musculoskeletal Assessments – Postural, Mobility/Stability and Motor Control Assessments in the continuum from Pressure Plate Static and Dynamic Assessments over “Joint by Joint” Assessments
4. Fundamental Movement Competency Assessments – In Place, Linear and Multidirectional Movement
5. Specific Movement Competency AssessmentsRelative to Sport Specific Demands
6. Neuromuscular Assessments – On Field Speed, Strength and Power assessments. More advanced Kinetic, Kinematic, High Speed Video and EMG Assessments.
7. Strength and Power Abilities Assessments – Max. Strength, Max. Mechanical Power, Explosive Strength and Rate of Force Development, Strength Curve, Power Endurance, Eccentric Strength and Deceleration Ability, Kinetic Asymmetry Testing, etc.
8. Endurance Performance and Metabolic Assessments – Depending on sport
WE DO NOT TEST BECAUSE OF TESTING, and we do not monitor because of monitoring!
We collect and analyse data to plan and refine our training process and to be able to help our athletes improve consistently.

We transform and visualize data and put them in the context of chosen sport’s performance to be able to communicate them to our athletes and their coaches.

It is our ultimate goal to work together with athletes, coaches, clubs and organizations to create models of collecting and connecting final sport result, sport-specific performance data and underlining performance factors.

Yes, as far as it helps us train our athletes better and make them perform better!
For the coaches that understand and appreciate science of human performance, every day spent with their athletes brings at least one “a-ha” moment – in planning or delivering training content.
Often those “a-ha” moments grow is new methods, new tools, or combination of the two, and bring top world results.
Unfortunately, many of them finished as the “anecdotes” left in the shadow of “science”.
The real innovation happens in practice, and we are eager to creatively and intelligently bring scientific methodology in to that innovative practice!

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