There is no doubt that the ultimate goal of a serious athlete following an injury is to return to competition as soon as possible at the highest level of function as possible, and to continue competing without being injured again.
This same goal is our starting point when constructing our post-injury programs.
To reach this goal, it is an ultimate requirement to plan and organize athletic performance-based content right after your injury happens, respecting the acute injury symptoms and pain responses.
In addition, we incorporate nutrition guidance which supports post-injury programs, and carefully plan adequate nutrients essential for each of its phases.
1. Progressive athletic performance development
2. Protection and then stimulation of the injured structure’s/tissue’s healing and strengthening
3. Work on the changes the injury might have made to confidence and neural inhibitory mechanisms

Bridging gap between rehab and return to play does not exist!!!
Only continuous, carefully modified training and timely achievement of the desired performance measures will bring you back to the battle field ready!!!

We respect and intelligently combine the advice, expertise and services from our thrusted partners, medical and para-medical providers.

Beside complete, comprehensive post-injury programs, we can also help you define your performance status and “readiness” to train, play and/or compete.

If you got an injury, and you are scheduled for a surgery, the best place to start your program is before that surgery if you want the best possible results.
The major reason is to protect your overall athletic performance from “detraining”, but also to prepare you to start utilizing appropriate tools and methods right after surgery.
If you have an injury that, in the opinion of your para-medical and medical staff, requires to be repaired surgically, we strongly advise you to consider novel and ever developing options of the assisted tissue healing and regeneration.
Our partner in regenerative medicine can help you understand if and how this can work for you.
Case by case, we have developed special pre- and post- regenerative procedures programs, and so far, results are great.

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