The Aquilo recovery system circulates ice water around all lower body muscles while keeping you perfectly dry. Immediately upon wearing the pants and starting session, your skin temperature will drop to the optimal recovery range of 10-12ºC.

Like an ice baths, Aquilo’s portable cryo-compression recovery system is known to help promote recovery and healing to muscles and joints. With Aquilo’s cry-compression pant there is no need to alternate cold therapy sessions on each leg or each part of the lower body, you eliminate the need to treat each leg with separate modalities for faster combined recovery session.

When the Aquilo System is in use, the plastic water channels (on the inside of the pants) are filled with water. This causes them to expand in dimension and squeeze around your legs, adding to the already highly compressive outer garment, and increasing the overall compression of the device.

The Aquilo Recovery Pants come in a range of sizes to fit all body types.

When turned on, a powerful pump begins to circulate ice water through the Aquilo Recovery Pants. This is crucial to your recovery, because the water must travel at a fast-enough pace to continuously flow back over the ice (in the Control Unit) to maintain the ideal temperature. So, this pump will circulate water throughout your entire lower body in 30 seconds time.

With a flip of the switch you will have optimal ice bath temperature and the addition of the passive compression.

Ice water constantly circulates through the pants during a 15-20-minute treatment keeping the temp at an optimal recovery range of 10-12ºC. For multiple treatments continue to add ice.

The Aquilo Control Unit can be entirely battery operated with enough charge to complete 8-12 treatments.

The entire system system fits into a sleek athletic backpack, so you can take the system with you wherever your training takes you. Small enough to be a carry-on bag on a plane or bus ride.

If you are interested to visit us and try the Aquilo, or maybe own and use one in the comfort of your home – contact us and we will gladly help you make the best possible choice.

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