Both being high level athletes, we also had a luck to grow and learn in a system of education that required from us an in depth understanding of human movement from the perspective of wide range of targeting general and specific sciences. Besides that, the system provided us an opportunity to acquire a wide range of movement skills and teach us how to teach the others effectively and efficiently. And, the most importantly, the system prepared us to recognize, adapt and incorporate new information, knowledge, skills and technology systematically and purposefully.
And for almost 20 years since, we have been committed to consistent academic and professional education and improvement through leading instances in the world of science and practice aimed in maximizing human performance.
In the process in which we will screen, test, plan, coach and monitor, you will be exposed to various tools and methods that have their roots in other performance enhancement systems, scientific research and proven practice in athletic training, power and weight lifting, gymnastics, physiotherapy, yoga, martial art, etc. But, you will know why you do what you do - you will understand the ultimate purpose of every move you make and the hard work you and us will put in the process.



For more than two decades, we have served hundreds of clients all over the world, adapting our services to various settings and circumstances.
We've coached an army of athletes from young developing, all the way to elite professional and Olympic, in multiple sports' disciplines. Among the others in: basketball, handball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, skiing, road and track cycling, mountain biking, track and field, rowing, triathlon, ultra-triathlon, para-triathlon, spring board and platform diving, judo, free climbing, etc.
We've taken care of various athletes recovering from all levels of injuries, making them ready to return to their sport’s field at the level of performance they haven’t experienced before.
We've helped dozens of kids, teenagers, adults and elderly get rid of pain and dysfunction, lose weight, get fitter and healthier.
We've cooperated on high level with dozens of coaches, teachers, professors, researchers, therapists, medical doctors, engineers, food and equipment manufacturers and distributors.
We've built, organized and led systems, programs and facilities for physical performance enhancement and athletic development for many clubs, sports' federations, governmental and non-governmental institutions.
We've given lectures, workshops and presentations to many coaches, athletes, students and others.
We've developed and started extensive application of the unique performance nutrition coaching, and smart application of a variety of recovery/regeneration tools and protocols.
On that long journey, we've faced many obstacles, but have took them as just a part of our way - the way toward EXELENCE, toward the ART OF COACHING



Maja Ivanovic
Co-founder and CEO, Head of Performance

Born and grew up in Belgrade, Yugoslavia (now Serbia). Trained and competed in gymnastics. Loves reading books and eating good food. Over and over delighted by the beauty of nature. Enjoys discovering all about food. Knows a lot about tropical aquarium fishes. If not what she is now, would have been marine biologist.
Full bio on request.

Tanja Sarenac
Co-founder and CEO, Head of Development

Born in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia (now Bosnia and Herzegovina). Grew up and lived in Serbia and Slovenia. Trained and competed in track & field and basketball. Loves reading and taking part in sports of all kinds. Over and over delighted by the “lows” of nature. Enjoys dancing and music instrument playing. Knows a lot about math and physics. If not what she is now, would have been physicist or bass guitar player.
Full bio on request.


Comprehensive Solutions

Physical training and the development of the movement and athletic skills is only one aspect of the performance enhancement process. Your performance is dependent on the function and communication of your brain and the whole body.
Every single cell and its substructures that you are consist of receive wide range of stimuli and are pushed to adapt and change. Subsequently, your tissues will change, your organs will change, your brain will govern your performance on the next level and you will perform on the next level.
We know, that to maximally control the direction and amplitude of those changes, we need to provide our clients the comprehensive solutions that include precisely planed, executed and monitored both exercises stimuli and stimuli from the proven recovery and regeneration tools and methods.
We keep focus on details while looking at the full picture. We know that form will define function, the function structure and structure form again.
Our expertise cover multiple scientific areas that we need to tailor the program for each unique individual.
Whenever needed, we will consult our wide network of partners and experts from multiple fields, all with one think in mind - your goal!


Become a partner

If human performance excellence inspires you as much as it does us, than we have a lot in common. This is just enough to join forces and MOVE toward some great achievements together.

Interested in becoming TM partner?


25 Oct
Nine Total Movement Athletes are in action tonight!

Nine of our athletes are chosen for Netherlands national handball team! This evening they play…

07 Oct

Apart from being the best student in a generation and graduating with the highest degree…







The trainings were varied and interesting, and I think this is very important to all athletes.

It could be recognized that everything you do is done with a reason, not just done, and you showed huge knowledge and care about me as an athlete and human.



Damjan Rudež is a Croatian professional basketball player for the Minnesota Timberwolves of the National Basketball Association. He also represents the Croatian national basketball team internationally.

– Damjan Rudez

Thoroughness in training preparation, quality of training execution, results and development of the players and team, showed me that I own the highest possible quality staff. If I compare my experiences, I would say that you follow world developments in needs of the basketball teams. The diversity of your trainings pushes the interest of the players for work and development to the maximum and provides final results.

What I can propose, when you are about is: QUALITY for the highest sport’s achievements, and all that have the opportunities should use the potential of the KNOWLEDGE you give.

Professional basketball coach, former Croatia national team coach and former player.

– Drazen Anzulovic


One word to describe the service provided by Tanja and Maja is – professionalism. Preparation, analyzing data, drawing conclusions, implementation of the conclusions, the construction program and adapting to the needs, program implementation, monitoring and control.
Their desire to learn, to know, to be updated as a coach gives you confidence and a different perspective on this team, Tanja and Maja.
Combination of professionalism and humanity.


Israeli Basketball Coach. Coaching Dutch National Team from 2008-2011

– Gadi Kedar

Tanja and Maja helped me big time to take my daily physical training to a higher, more effective and more efficient level. I’ve worked with several physical trainers in my career, but I’ve had the most success and improvement in working with Tanja and Maja. The workouts are specifically for your branch of sport, and therefore you get results quick. Even when Tanja and Maja are not around, I now know better what my body needs, and how to make sure it gets it! Also, the great personalities of Tanja and Maja help the workout process be really fun!

Netherland basketball national team player. Player for New Heroes Den Bosch since 2009.

– Stefan Wessels


We were introduced to many new and efficient methods, tools and programs, which helped us to avoid major injuries and peak performance at the right moments.
Our championship would not have been possible without their help.


Austrian professional basketball coach.

He is the current head coach of Medi Bayreuth, German Basketball Bundesliga (BBL).

– Mag. Raoul Korner

The biggest impression is the way you approached me as an athlete and analysed my movement and body to the tiniest detail. In my entire career I have never experienced that kind of approach where all aspects of training, nutrition and athletic life-style are covered. My physical preparedness is on the highest level, as well as the results I achieve. For me, you are THE BEST!

Handball CSM Bucuresti, Romania.

Serbian national team player.

2013 IHF World Player of the Year.

– Andrea Lekic

Both Tanja and Maja are highly competent Total Movement coaches and having had the opportunity to see them work up close I can highly recommend their services to anyone who wants to improve quickly and efficiently!

Retired Dutch professional basketball player who was selected by the Orlando Magic in the 1st round (26th overall) of the 1993 NBA Draft. Hammink played for the Magic and had a small stint with the Golden State Warriors in 3 NBA seasons. In his NBA career, Hammink appeared in 8 games and scored a total of 14 points. He played college basketball at Louisiana State University (LSU).

– Geert Hammink

I like the most is that you don’t just train an athlete, you also educate us. Why we do what we do and how we need to do it, and with that knowledge, you bring us to another level. You guys are just in a league of your own. The way Tanja and Maja do what they do, is not only at the highest level, it’s also inspiring. It’s motivating to work with them because they do it so much passion and love. They strive for the best and always want to improve, that motivates me to do the same.

Handball player TTH Holstebro, Denmark.

Player of the Netherland national team.

– Kay Smits
Integrated training programming, monitoring and nutrition coaching

Distance Coaching

Open vacancy
Total Movement is looking for talented people that are passionate and inspired by human movement and excellence, that have an idea that fits our philosophy, and are willing to work and grow with us in a challenging and dynamic international environment.

Prospective coaches, sport scientists, fellow colleagues – We will be happy to review your CV and motivational letter.


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